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Surge Protein

Is it OK if i use Surge as my only source of protien powder, or do i need to get a naormal protein powder as well.

I love the way Surge taste, and am not a fan of how protein powders taste.

Just a thought, thats running in my head look forward to a reply!

Look at the nutritional information on a tub of Surge.

Look at the nutritional information on a tub of protein powder.

Use your head.

This is fine, so long as you are using Surge PWO and getting enough protein from the rest of your diet.

use Surge peri-workout.

use Metabolic Drive or MD complete during other times of the day

Yeah, Surge isn’t necessarily a “protein” powder. While it does have protein in it, its main purpose is to give your body much needed carbs/protein during/after a workout to help with recovery.

The Metabolic Drive proteins taste really good, and are staples in a lot of my “supershakes” that I blend up for quick meals.