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Surge Pre/Post Workout

I know John Berardi recommends the use of Surge both before and after training, but with my broke ass, I can basically only do one or the other, or split in half, one half before, one after. Anyone in a similar spot, and what worked for you? I’m trying more for fat loss than muscle gain right now if that makes a difference… Thanks

Just have one scoop before or during, then one scoop after training. That’s what most seem to do and report great results.

Wouldn’t it be better to take one scoop towards the very end of your workout and one scoop right after to avoid that insulin surge?

What I did is I bought 2 kilos of maltodextrin in a winery for $7. I mixed it in with the proper amount of protein powder. Since the protein powder also has some carbs, you either need to be able to solve mathematics or just be good at guessing the amount of both substances. Let me try to explain:

You have 2kg = 2000g of cheap but high quality maltoxdextrin, which is roughly 2000g of carbs. You have a protein powder that’s, say, 24g protein, 6g carbs per scoop, so a 24/6 = 4:1 (P:C) ratio. You’re trying to mix the stuff in a 2:1 (C:P) ratio. So you have:

2000C + x(4P + C)

Now we isolate the variables into a 2:1 ratio…

(2000C + xC) / x4P = 2/1

The x is the amount of grams of protein powder you need. Now solve for X:

Now you find that this is impossible…hmm, I’ll get back to you once I figure this out. :smiley:

Berardi’s article in the new print mag addresses this. For fat loss, one scoop before, one after.

Ok, what if your goal isn’t fat loss?

Ok, ok, I’ll walk across the room and pick up the mag…Recovery priority: One serving before & one serving after. Muscle Gain priority: One serving before & after + one scoop of gatorade or other carb powder. He says that this depends on how easily you put on fat. Theres more, but buy the mag.

Haha, ok, thanks for the extra info.

By the way, where do you buy your paper mag at?

At Multimags, on the west side of St. Laurant Blvd. between Milton and Prince Arthur, Montreal PQ.

Hmm you say you’re poor. Why not mix up your own post-workout shake? All you need is whey protein powder and some maltodextrin (which you can buy cheap). Your powder has something like 6g C and 23g P per 35g Scoop. This means that it has something like 0.1714 C/g and 0.6571 P/g. Assuming you’re starting with 2000g malto, mix in enough protein powder according do this formula to get a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein.

AmountOfPowder(g) =

(InitialAmountOfMalto) / ( 2(P/g) - (C/g) )

Isn’t one of the keys to Surge the BCAAs?