Surge Pre, Peri, and Post?

After reading so many articles regarding pre/post/peri workout nutrition being so important, I’ve found myself in a bit of a problem. They never really suggest what to use all the time. I know for a fact post should be Surge, and that pre is up to debate between some of the coaches, but what about peri? In one of the articles a carb/protein drink is suggested for peri but nothing was ever suggested. Since Surge has a fast absorbing profile, I was thiking of just taking Surge 30 minutes before, sipping half dose during, and another full dose post. Thoughts?

That’s fine. I’m currently following the Scrawny to Brawny recommendation of one full serving pre, peri, and post. Only noticeable side effects have been twenty new pounds of muscle and a lot less money in my bank account.

This article discusses the benefits of two Surge servings.