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Surge + Power Drive...


Is it ok to mix these two powders together for a pre/peri/post workout drink?


I've seen the T-Nation pros advocate taking them separately with the rationale that the ingredients in Power Drive blunt the fast absorption of Surge to a certain degree. Not sure if it was Cy Wilson or Chad Waterbury (one of the CW's) who said they would have Surge PWO and then take Power Drive with their meal about an hour later.

I've become a believer in using Power Drive after workouts as opposed to before in hopes of getting some better CNS recovery.


do it all the time


I came across three styles among the T-coaches and pros:

1)Cy: Surge PWO, 1hr later take Power Drive with solid meal.
(You can find this from the Power Drive's thread: http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;hydra?id=459249&pageNo=4 )

2)Barr & MR: Surge and Power Drive taken together PWO.
(I personally ask this at Barr's Prime Time once: http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;hydra?id=711172 )

3) Dr. Lowery: Not to be taken PWO, but further investigation needed.
(I also ask this at Dr. Lowery's Prime Time: http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;hydra?id=733229 )

I still haven't tried Power Drive PWO due to this split dscision...

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Berardi said, "Optimizing nutrition during the pre-workout to post-workout period was the focus of my Ph.D. dissertation and is something in which I believe strongly. I designed Surge to do just that.."

He could damn sure give us a qualified answer.


My 1st post is edited due to Dr. Lowery's response to this thread from his Prime Time.

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Thanks Geekboy. Can't wait to read what Lowery says.


It also depends on your goals. If you're taking Power Drive as an intensity booster, you need to take it far enough before your pre-workout protein so that the taurene-effects will not be blunted by the protein.

If you're taking Power Drive for CNS recovery, I don't believe that's much of an issue.


Need4Speed, that's where the confusion comes from --- In terms of Surge + Power Drive PWO, among the t-contributors, some believe it matters, some believe it does not.

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I don't think we're at the point where we can fully debate the issue... yet. You guys are the cutting edge, meaning that others will ultimately develop a protocol on your experiences.

Experiment and let everyone know what you think.

BTW-My protocol is the correct one. :wink:


I just run my Surge and Power Drive through a 24 hour IV. One in the left arm one in the right arm.


Just a quick note: Coach CT mentioned in his Renaissance Body Development article ( http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;hydra?id=700722 ) that he also takes Power Drive & Surge BOTH PWO.

Just not sure how he takes it (altoegther with Surge or not).

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Sort of like the new technology for diabetics where the insulin is just run by a computer at your hip.

I got one of those and each 25m I slap the button.


Geekboy, that was the entire point of my post. The T-Nation contributors believe it matters/does not matter FOR WHAT? For a pre-workout energy boost? Or for CNS recovery? These are two different things, and they can have two different answers.



I see what you are saying. The three styles/protocols I put together in my 1st post are all towards Surge + Power Drive PWO, to be taken together or not.

And when we talking about Post WO, we mainly focus on recovery, CNS wise and muscle wise.

Barr/MR: Power Drive PWO for CNS recovery, to be taken together with Surge.

Cy: Power Drive PWO for CNS recovery, NOT to be taken together with Surge. Power Drive to be taken with solid food 1hr after PWO Surge.

Dr. Lowery: Power Drive PWO not recommended until further data/investigation.

CT: Power Drive and Surge PWO for CNS recovery. Method unknown (for now).

Hope this time it delievers the message.

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