Surge/Power Drive/BCAAs+Surge/Superfood

So, last week I started mixing Original Surge with two teaspoons of ON BCAA powder and a scoop of Power Drive. I consume half starting fifteen minutes out from my dynamic warmup and the rest throughout my training session.

15 Minutes before that 1 Spike tab and 6 Biotest BCAA tabs.

Raspberry Surge and half serving of Superfood and 6 more Biotest BCAAs.

I’d have to say this is incredible. I’ve gone from three strength training sessions a week to four with three cardio sessions (more free time).

(If anyone is wondering I have the other serving of Superfood upon waking before breakfast.)

I was wondering if anyone had tried this protocol (or anything remotely similiar) and how long/with what results.

No supps during my cardio.

looks quite expensive for frequent use

The mind is a powerful thing…

I have played with similar combos. They usually go something like this:

  1. 2 scoops Power Drive and 1-2 caffeine-free Spike 30 minutes preworkout.

  2. half serving of Surge or 10g BCAA during warm-up.

  3. serving of Surge, 2.4g beta alanine, 6-8g citrulline malate, and 15g BCAA during workout (sometimes skip Surge and use 30-40g BCAA along with beta alanine and cirulline malate).

  4. 1.5 servings Surge, 5g creatine, and 10g BCAA post workout or 1 serving Surge, 10g BCAA, 5g creatine, and 15g PeptoPro. Also 2 scoops Power Drive.

  5. either repeat 4 or solid meal.

There is definitely less soreness after and recovery is quicker than not using this. The Power Drive really helps with neural recovery, that I think is the most noticeable thing I can actually feel afterwards.

Why no supps with cardio?

[quote]cyph31 wrote:
looks quite expensive for frequent use[/quote]

With my budget, these supps fall well within the limit. I could even afford to do more but I like to have electricity and internet! lol But I am E-4 (E-5 next month) in the Air Force and make a “decent” paycheck. I couldn’t imagine spending this much with the funds I was working with in college.

[quote]Peter Orban wrote:

Why no supps with cardio?[/quote]

I realized that I misphrased the no supps portion as soon as I posted it. I meant only BCAA… I try not to use the stims too much. I got really tolerant to caffeine a while back when I was taking NO Xplode. (I know, I know)

I am also following a hybrid WSB/WS4SB program of my own design.

I have the following shake during my workout:
~1/8 cup of dextrose
~1/8 cup maltodextrin
2 scoops on ON whey gold standard (~50g protein, 11g glutamine, 10g BCAA)
5g glutamine
4-6 scoops of ON BCAA powder (~20g)

I increase the carbs when trying to make size/strength gains. If I do cardio at the end of a workout I’ll leave any remaining shake until I finish the cardio.

I generally workout 5 times a week with 2-3 cardio sessions.

I am thinking of adding some BCAA caps before and after my workouts.

Ok, I’m still wondering when the hell Workout Fuel is going to be posted. I’m thinking that it might be around the time that the Physique Clinic wrap up is posted, along with all of the user reviews of Workout Fuel.

Back on topic:

Spike Shooter & Spike Tab (caffeine free is preferable)
Power Drive
1 Serving Surge
6 BCAA Tabs (currently using BCAA powder from Superior)
5g Creatine

6 BCAA tabs (30g BCAA powder)
Sip Surge between sets

6 BCAA Tabs
Last Bit of Surge and consume whole food meal at about 30-45 minutes later.

I honestly can’t wait to get this back in stock. It’s been fun trying to find new recipes for post workout shakes though. I’ve made some great shakes over the last few months.