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Surge plus Creatine w/ transport

When taking Surge and Creatine w/transport post-workout, what is the proper order. Surge and creatine w/transport together, surge wait 30 min. then the creatine, or vice versa?

Why waste money on creatine in Kool-aid? Add plain, pure powdered creatine to Surge and you have a great “transport system”. Plus, you’ll save money because you’ll only need to buy some cheap creatine and not one of those over-hyped buckets of Kool-aid. This is what I do when I use creatine and it works great.

E-Roc: This is an important question. JB answered simply this way:

“I have all my athletes do the Surge immediately after the workout and then eat about 60-90 min later. During this second meal I have them take all their extra goodies like creatine, ribose, etc.”

Tim, in a strongly worded "Behind The Scenes," said in the strongest words possible; for Surge to be the MOST effective, don't EVER mix OR take it with ANYTHING! Hope this helps.

You’re right, Mufasa, but I believe Berardi said here on the forum that plain creatine is okay to add to Surge.

I do recall my main man JB saying that straight up creatine gets the green light with the ol’ postworkout dreamshake Surge…way to go Shugs. You’ve got a memory like a steel trap, bro!

i saw some research that said creatine ALA and dextrose proved to be significantly better than plain creatine

In a later post by JB he said that he took 10 grams of creatine with his post workout drink.

UUMMMmmm…what’s the scoop, JB? As the saying goes, “usually the truth is somewhere in between”.

If i add some creatine to the Surge and then take ribose-C one hour later with the post-workout meal… will this be excessive (since ribose-C also contains creatine).

I only train 2x a day. So, do i still have to take creatine and ribose everyday in non-training days? I can’t train more than that because i am a hardgainer and prone to overtraining.


I have some EAS Beta-Gen (I know, I know) left; would that be okay to add to the Surge? I think it has a few other things in there besides plain creatine…

I started using RiboForce from EAS (ribose + creatine) with my Surge - works great - quite happy with it.