Surge or Metabolic Drive?

I’m going to start a cut cycle for 4 weeks in January, dropping to 6% and need help deciding on which supplement to get here…

I’m going to get one of these two:

Surge Recovery
Metabolic Drive

Now, currently after a workout I use my own mixture of liquid carbs such as juice and protein such as whey isolate + BCAA’s and its been working good for gaining mass it seems. At night right before bed I usually use cottage cheese + some good fats but I recently started using a scoop of Metabolic Drive + fats.

What would be more beneficial to me? Metabolic Drive for an overnight meal, or Surge for recovery after my workouts?

Thanks for any advice/help

I’d go with Surge if forced to choose between the two.

I second the Surge. I can make do without Metabolic Drive by eating lots of good food, but I can’t live without the Surge

Surge Recovery PWO is vital. Cottage cheese is almost all casein which will prevent catabolism as you sleep.

Alright, I was leaning towards the Surge myself. Just needed to be re-assured i was making the right choice I guess, hah.