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Surge or Metabolic Drive?

Im just curious what you guys recommend? I only have money to get one of them, so whats more important?

It’s hard to say. They’re two different products. If I had to recommend one I’d go with Surge. It’s great post-workout recovery tool. The other times when you would take Metabolic Drive could be replaced with food or a cheaper protein like Grow! Whey if money is a problem for you.

Yes they are different products, but also think about which you will be able to down. Taste is an important factor in if you will be able to consistently take them.

I bought two tubs of Surge in september, I don’t like the taste at all. Metabolic Drive on the other hand is AMAZING. Strawberry is superior to Chocolate still though.

personal experience: Surge

Surge is like candy. Beware. (I was going to say something else that rhymes with whack but I doubt it would get through).

Seriously though I echo the Surge comment. If you can only afford one I’d go that route.

To the guy who said they didn’t like the taste. I hated it the first few times I tried it too. Now I love it more than whack.