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Surge only after upper body WO's

I have been using surge only after upper body workouts in an effort to bring up that body part. My legs grow easily so I thought this might be a good approach and so far it is working great. Any thoughts?

well if you use Surge after leg workouts they will recover faster.
So say you use Surge after a leg workout & the legs recover faster-it allows your other body parts to recover faster as well. (The less time & energy spent waiting for your legs to recover the more growth you will see in other areas.)
I’d use it after EVERY workout.

Another thing, Cougar, is that you shouldn’t shortchange the biggest muscle groups in your body. Are your legs so big they dwarf the rest of your physique? Other than Tom Platz, I’ve never seen a weight trainer whose legs were “too big.” If you can afford it, you can’t afford NOT to use Surge each weight workout.