Surge on my (and your) diet

Hi. I have seen on your posts that you take one surge serving post workout, or half before and half after. Right now I’m eating 300 grams of protein a day, in 6 meals (50 grams per meal). That means I would have to take two servings of Surge post workout. I mean, most of you are bigger than me (I’m just 170), how come you only take one serving??? Thanks for your help.

I don’t get it. Why would you need two servings of Surge? The rest of the protein etc comes from food. Just because you normally get 50 grams per meal does not mean you need 50 grams before and after training. These aren’t really meals. You should be eating another solid meal an hour or so after taking your post-WO Surge.

One serving of surge is just 25 grams of protein. I need 300 grams a day. All my meals, except the post workout one, are with food, including the one I take 2 hours after my workout. Don’t you consider your post workout nutrition a meal??? I mean, Surge is food, powder, but food.

If it’s not within your budget to consume 2 servings, couldn’t you just add 5 grams of protein in some form to your other 5 meals?

You take either a serving of surge by itself post WO or half pre and half post WO but either way it’s by it’s self and a total of 1 serving. Don’t count your pre/post WO surge drink as a meal persay but you can count protein towards daily total. You need to either add another meal in some where or add additional protein to 1 of your other existing meals to get a total of 300 grams if thats what you need. You can have more than 50 grams at a sitting. Each meal doesn’t have to have identical amount of protein. You should have a protein/carb meal an hour after your post WO surge and this meal would be a good one to add the additional protein to.

I agree with TEK and Herb: don’t count
the post-workout Surge as a meal. You still
should have no trouble getting in your planned number of meals, since you’re ready to have
a meal only one hour after taking the Surge.

Thanks for your answers. I just have one final question to really understand this. If you are 230lb at 10% bodyfat, would you still take one serving of Surge after your workout, or would that be too little??? (yes, one hour after the surge would come another meal)

There are bodyweight guidelines on the bottle. You can read these at

Who says you can only eat six meals per day? Try eating every 2-2.5 hours instead of every three, and you’ll find it’s easier to get the calories in. I eat at least seven during the day (not including my mid/post workout Surge). I also down a protein shake in the middle of the night. Start with 300, take out the 25 from your Surge, and divide by 7-8. You looking at roughly 34-40g per meal.