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Surge on a Budget

Hey Guys…

I know this has probably already but been discussed. So, you can save the “search the archives asshole” comments.

Okay, my question is how I can make my Surge last longer. Should I save it for my harder workouts and take as reccomended or have 1/2 serving every workout. If I was going to use 1/2 serving, what should I throw in there as extra protein/carbs; such as chocolate milk or something. Any suggestions?


No. You HAVE to have Surge. No one has ever gotten huge without it.

Search the archives ASSHOLE!

Ahh yes that warm feeling that comes with being a jackass.

Let’s see if I can help. Crazy idea, I know, actually helping someone rather than being a dick, but I’ll try.

If you have a light day or an arms-only day or something like that, go for half a serving or do the skim chocolate milk thing or Nesquik in skim milk thing, both mentioned by T-mag as better-than-nothing alternatives. On tough days, full body days, chest/back days, or leg days, go for the full serving.

So, depends on how you train and your split I guess. When I was running out before and Surge was out of stock I used the above tricks to stretch it out a bit. Worked fine. Hope that helps.

very helpful so far…

[quote]jacross wrote:
Search the archives ASSHOLE!

Ahh yes that warm feeling that comes with being a jackass.[/quote]

Damn, you beat me to it!

If you’re pretty sure it’s been discussed – USE THE SEARCH ENGINE!

Whew, now I feel better!

You could buy unflavored, unsweetened pure maltrodextrin (relatively inexpensive in bulk form) and mix it into the Surge. This will alter the carb:protein profile, but should assist if your goal is to bulk.

Alternately, you could take 0.5 scoop post-WO and ingest more solids C+P in your post-WO meal.