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Surge Needed?

Really quick question for ya’ll…How needed is Surge when using the Growth Surge Project…I’m a college student and very broke…my dad will lend me the money if i need Surge, but i don’t like taking money from him. So, again, i was just wondering how needed Surge is. Thanks guys

If you have to borrow the money to buy ANY supplement you really don’t need it.

Get one bottle to use during the second phase if possible. If not, then lower the volume a bit and make sure to eat well and get enough sleep to aid in recovery.

Although not optimal, you could use a cheaper drink like Prolab’s N-Large to increase your total calories and to use post workout. Just make sure your whole food meals are of good quality.

Thanks for all your advice guys, “one more quicky” (god how often i say that). How long will Surge last me, or maybe i should just ask how many servings their are. Thanks

Go to www.biotestedge.com/html/btsurge.html then click on ‘supplement facts’ for all the info.

At 1 scoop during training and 1 scoop after training, a bottle of Surge will last you 10 workouts.