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Surge/N-Large2 & TRIBEX

To All that read this thank you,

I am starting into supplement use and would really appreciate the advice that some of you can offer.

I am 21, 6’4 and 165lbs. I get that wow your skinny comment alot, I dont know where or how to measure my bf so I am sorry I dont have that for ya. I am a fairly big eater and with all the info on here will be changing my diet Monday!

My question is this, is N-Large2 any good? I was thinking Nlarge2 twice a day and using Surge post workout… are there any supports for me to use TRIBEX? Please let me know what you think aout the use of these three… Thanks best regards,

PLS anything!!! Just starting out

Hey, there, JP. Welcome to T-Nation!!! (grin)

Congratulations on reading and doing your homework!!! But don’t look to supplements to help you fix your problems. For one thing, you’re not likely to get your money’s worth out of TRIBEX. Your hormones are at an all time high right now, and TRIBEX probably won’t raise them higher. It’s best used by men whose T-Levels are starting to drop a bit (age: >35) or who are under high(er) levels of stress.

I don’t know anything about N-Large. You should probably go to THEIR forum to ask your questions.

Surge is one supplement (if you want to call it that) that I feel everyone needs who works out hard. If you read John Berardi’s “Solving the Post Workout Puzzle,” I & II, I think you’ll see why. Except for my multi, it’s probably my number one supp.

Continue reading. Focus on the basics. Put your money into food. Eat 6 or more meals a day. Make sure you’re getting your TBW x 1.5g of protein per day. Either check out www.fitday.com or get a nutritional desk reference that lists grams of P/C/F per serving size.

In addition to that, make sure you’re eating your green veggies (fresh or frozen, not canned). But to aid you in consuming higher amounts of carbs, take in higher glycemic carbs. The point here is that 25g NET carbs of broccoli is going to fill you up, while eating 25g NET carbs of white or brown rice will NOT fill you up, allowing you to take in a higher level of calories.

Finally, check out Chris Shugart’s article, “The Missing Ingredient,” http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=460332

If you ever keep a food log, even for just one month, you’ll learn more about your body and how it responds and what it needs to put on weight than any of your friends out there who are trying to manipulate THEIR body composition.

Bottom line, eat big, eat clean, bust your butt in the gym, and keep a food log. (grin) Spend the money you save on supps on FOOD!!!

If you have any questions, JP, don’t hesitate to ask!!!

I’ve got a ten pound tub of N-large2 a couple of feet away from me right now. Let’s ignore the great ad copy and check out the ingredients:
Whey Protein Concentrate,
and the rest is flavoring.

I suspect a combination of malto and fructose was used so that protein could appear first on the label even though there’s more sugar.
The only thing N-large2 is good for is PWO nutrition and Surge beats that handsdown (way better ingredients).
I know this’ll be the last tub of N-large2 I ever buy.