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Surge more than once a day?

Can you use Surge more than once a day? I was thinking if you split your workout exactly in half, so that you can have 2 sessions in day and therefore 2 postworkout windows of opportunity. If you had the time to do this I bet recovery would be greatly enhanced!

I would doubt recovery would be greatly enhanced as your CNS/etc will probably take a beating with a 2 split. It’s possible to try this and “shock” your body for a short time - you may want to try but I wouldn’t do this for extended peroids of time.

Poliquin addressed this once in an old Muscle Media 2000, back when it was a bodybuilding magazine. One of the advantages of twice a day training was you had two prime opportunities to take advantage of post-workout nutrition.

He had a lot of rules that go along with this type of training. As I recall-- 1) Workouts are short, 30 to 45 min tops. 2) Workouts are 4 to 6 hours apart. That may not be exactly right but he said that you didn’t want to get the second workout too early or too late. 8 hours apart is too much. 3) Train the same muscle group each session. Use different exercises if you’re a bodybuilder and go light one session and heavy the other session. 4) Only do this for two weeks then go back to regular training since this can lead to overtraining quickly. 5) Always get a proper post-workout drink after each session.

Hmm, wouldn’t it be cool to do this for two weeks while using double the Surge and an Androsol cycle? This wouldn’t be a cheap cycle, but I think that would be a very productive two weeks.

Poliquin also discussed it here:

Thanx for the advice Chris! After I’m done dieting for another 2 weeks, I am gonna try this with surge, nandrosol and plenty of advanced protein and whole foods. I’m wondering though, how many days a week should I work out. I’m thinking of splitting my body into 5 ultra short workouts( each body part 2x in one day), working each bodypart one day per week. Wish me luck on the Surge diet!

Keep us posted, peepers. And remember to really pack in the protein during those two weeks.

I actually tried the two-a-day workout scheme and it worked wonders for me. However, I found that Dan Duchaine’s suggestion worked better (that you work different bodyparts in the two different workouts). I performed 2 weeks of 4 days per week 2-a-day workouts. Each body part was hit 2 days per week. Session 1 was the harder of the two sessions and session two was the easier. For instance, Chest and back day, session 1 would consist of a lot of moderate-heavy chest and tricep work, session two was lighter back and bicep work. The next time I hit chest and back, I would reverse it – Back/bicep was moderate-heavy and chest/tricep was lighter.

I consumed an MRP after each workout. After 2 weeks of this I would go to 2 weeks of 3 workouts week 1 workout per day. The intesity and volume were decreased and no sets were taken to failure. After two weeks of this, I went right back to the 4-day-per-week 2-workouts-per-day work. I put on an enormous amount of muscle in 12 weeks.

Note, while you are doing this, recovery and nutrition are as critical as working out. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night and 1-2 hour nap during the day. Regular massages, sauna, whirlpool baths, etc. will also help a great deal with recovery. Eat everything in sight and don’t drink or smoke or take any drugs which may reduce your recovery ability.