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Surge, Methoxy-7, Tribex-500, and Muscle Gain

I’m starting a new bulking phase in September. I’d really like to try Biotest Surge, and am trying to decide between Methoxy-7 and Tribex-500. What kind of results have others had with these/which would you recommend for a bulking phase? Is there a cost-effective way to cycle (i.e. 2 weeks on Methoxy-7 followed by two weeks on Tribex-500 or 4 weeks on/2 off for each staggered so there is 2 weeks of overlap) which is more effective? If you could only take two of Surge, Methoxy, and Tribex, which would you use to gain mass? Thanks.

Well I take all three with great results. But if i had to chose I would pick Surge(man i love that shit!) and the NEW Methoxy-7. Be sure you get the NEW Methoxy - strait from Biotest. Don’t get me wrong Tribex is the bomb, but i cycle between Adrosol and Tribex so i don’t use it all the time.

I’ve never noticed anything from using Tribex, and I’ve used both versions. But Surge is the bomb! I highly recommend it! Money has been tight recently, but I will always keep Surge as my one and only supplement if I can’t afford anything else (Grow, Tribex, ZMA, T2, etc).

I am normally very skeptical of supplements, but I have to say I really dig Surge. Tastes great, but not overly filling, so that you can get a really good meal down within a 1/2 hour or so. I have some of the old Methoxy stuff, but I never noticed anything from its use.