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Surge & Metabolic Drive


Just wondering if Surge and Metabolic Drive are lactose free - not just "low" lactose. I typically use a high quality WPI, which is ok, but anything else, messes with my digestion. I noticed "malted milk powder" in Metabolic Drive. Also, I've heard that whey hydrolysate is made from Whey Concentrate, thus containing lactose... Perhaps someone "in the know" at T-Nation could help?


By "M" do you mean Metabolic Drive?

M is a completely different product.


yup, I meant Metabolic Drive.


Technically, both of these products contain a small amount of lactose.

However, most people with lactose intolerance have no problem with them.


I have to agree with Mod Brian on this; I myself have a pretty volatile lactose intolerance (even with Lactaid milk and the capsules)

Haven't had any problems with Grow! or Surge with my tummy :stuck_out_tongue: