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Surge is the best!

I know this message is redundant but I must post. Surge is the best post workout drink I’ve ever had. I tried to save some money and dick around with making my own drink but never quite worked out. The maltodex would stick to the sides of the container and there was just way too much powder to deal with. Anyways, surge is much more convenient… and holy shit, it is made correctly!

Agree completely. It’s now a staple at my house.

I second that emmotion. I love the Surge!! I mean what a difference in my training cycle. I have been using Surge for about 2 months, big time growth and recovery! But, I recently went out of town on business and forgot to take it with me. So i just had an MRP after my workout - hell! I might as well have benn birthday cake. I was back to being my same sore as hell self of 2 months ago the next day, and it lingered too. Surge make sore muscle go bye-bye!

Hi T-Folks,
Just wanted to chime in an get your results on Surge being used half pre-wo and half post-wo after the new suggestions made a few weeks back by JMB. I know most of you love it but just wanted your reactions and results from the pre/post usage. Thanks & PEACE AJ

I sure as heck wish I had lotsa money on hand…