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Surge is Awesome!

I’m on a cutting phase right now. No carbs except Surge post workout. This is the most awesome tasting thing ever. I eat it straight out of the container, and drink water on the side. It’s like candy! I had everyone at work take a pinch and they all wanted to eat it.

Great product at a great price. Keep it up Gentleman!

I couldn’t agree more man! Surge is some of the best tasting stuff I’ve ever had. Plus it works great too. You can’t beat that.

Here’s a spin on Sabrina’s Coffee recipe.

Refrigerate today’s coffee for tomorrow (I use a beat up shaker bottle that is no longer water tight).

Tomorrow, throw 5 or 6 ice cubes in a blender. Pour coffee in the blender until the ice cubes float. Then add a scoop of surge and a scoop of chocolate LC grow (or two depending on goals). Blend until you achieve the desired consistency (adding ice or coffee as needed). Drink and go.

Tastes like a chocolate amaretto frap.



Surge is some a great supp., that not only works but tatse great too.

Wow that sounded like an ovaltine commercial or something.

Anyway I just wanted to add while there is nothing wrong with simply eating it from the container make sure you followit with plenty of water to disers it.

Hope that helpsm,


A little surge between the cheek and gum will do you right… every time.

Great product.

The problem with the great taste is that I have trouble believing that it’s good for me.

I really like combining a scoop of Surge with a Scoop of LC Vanilla Grow (rather than the two rounded scoop approach). It does taste too damn good!

Buncha good for nuthin’ shills!

(Smiley face and all that stuff)