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Surge & Inflammation

Just curious what long-time Surge users have to say:

2 weeks ago I started lifting on a regular basis again, using Surge post workout. I also began supplementing with fish oils.

I have not been sore at all, even though I power clean and deadlift!

I know for a fact my form was crappy the first few workouts, especially on DLs, but no stiffness or pain at all.

I have been going light BTW, no more than 155 for DLs or 90 for power cleans. I’m gradually increasing weight workout by workout.

Is it Surge? Is it the fish oil, which is anti-inflammatory? Is it the fact I’m starting out light?

Fish oil is a natural anti-inflamitory, and Surge helps you recover faster. So naturaly you wont be as sore as you would without it. Soreness isn’t a good way to judge a workout though, listen to Charles Staley’s D-tap on the left side of the screen, he explains it. Just for future reference, lifting heavy is better :).