Surge in 5lbs Tubs

T-Banker had a good idea, assuming BIOTEST is worried that the larger size would be too difficult to move in the retail outlets. Regular customers would buy in bulk, and newbies would get the smaller buckets to try it out. Web traffic might increase as a result…and BAM! More money for all ya grubby BIOTEST nerds (kidding).

At the least, give us Surge and Grow in larger sizes. Geez! The customer is always right…

Keep dis biatch bumped!

I already posted on this on another thread, but I want to post again. Maybe with enough people posting in support of the larger containers, Biotest will listen. So…guys?..are ya listenin’?

I would buy it!

I’ll keep bumping until we get a promise from Biotest to at least make a 5lb tub of Surge.




I’d buy a 50 lbs. tub if they’d deliver one to my house. Hell, why not sell a SURGE keg?

Seriously though, Surge in 5 lbs. tubs would indeed be rather nice.

There would be freshness problems with super large tubs. By the time you’d use three-fourths of a tub, the last fourth might be “bad.” This has been considered in the past and disregarded for this reason.

There are other ways to make Surge more affordable, however, while NOT changing the formula or using sub-par ingredients. It’s a long story and I better not say much right now or people will get their hopes up too much. But Tim has been talking about this. Same thing could work for Grow!.

Hey Chris…why not just pack the Surge, Grow, etc… in smaller sealed packets and dump them into a giant tub or box? You get around the freshness issue, and still allow the customer to GET WANT HE WANTS!

Don’t you just hate pushy protein addicts?