Surge in 5lbs Tubs

Who would love to see Surge in 5lbs tubs?

Let’s hear it T-mag readers, Maybe they will make it.


“I’ll smoke an ounce to that”.

I can taste it now.

Wow! You’re seriously hardcore, JackAss!

Well, if they’re selling a Super-Sized version of Mag-10, why not a Super-Sized Version of Surge?

Why not make enourmous versions of everything? assuming it would bring the overall cost down i know i’d buy it. imagine 400 pill bottles of everything instead of just the regular 80 most things have. take myostat for example; you’re supposed to go on it for at least 2 months to see results. why not sell it in 2 month supplys?

Why doesn?t Biotest just start a bulk division? Their own Sam?s Club.

All pills sold by the 1000. All powders in 40 pound buckets. All liquid sups (gee, none right now,) sold by the gallon.

Maybe there could be exercises involving lifting the supplements. Or warning labels, ?If you cannot lift this, you are not ready for it.?

Or the local shops can have bulk bins like the supermarket. Just scoop out a couple pounds of Hot Rox into a bag. (Or stop by and buy 4 caps each day.)

It’s interesting psychology. I balk at the roughly 33 dollars charged for that tiny tub sitting on the store shelf. But if the tub was three times bigger and cost 99 dollars, for some (indefensible) reason, it’s more appealing.

Presently, when I open a fresh tub and dig that big scoop in for the first time, I already feel like I’m running low.

While it would be nice, that would up the price to $100 or more per bottle, which I think would alienate more people from buying it with it at such a high price, or at least discourage people from trying it by having to pay so much.

I agree. Bring it on!

sounds good to me

It only makes sense. 5LBS would give us 25 serving, so we will only have to buy surge once every month or so, which still isnt bulk by any standards compared to that big motha mag-10(which can last over an year depending on how often you cycle).

the price would only have to be like 65-75 bucks. You obviously need to make it worth while or people won’t buy it.

I agree 100%!! A 5lbs container is the way to go!

I say at least 5 lbs. if it will save us some money. I would buy a 10 lb. sack if they would do it! I love surge and would really like it to be less expensive!

Surge is the BOMB! I buy 3 tubs at a time so bigger containers would be fine by me! Did I mention that Surge is THE BOMB?

why wonuldnt they? they current tubs look like little girly makeup containers… i want my bucket of surge to be hyooooge to compensate for my…
oh never mind.

Hi sent an email to Biotest a couple of months ago on that exact topic…No response. I think it’s a great idea. I currently have to buy two at a time, so I don’t have to go back to the store every couple of weeks. Hopefully we’ll get some response…

Give us what we want!

Most of us probably are mixing are surge with ther crap to make it last longer any how. You have buy 2 get one free…well maybe you should all that in one bucket.


Agree with Mr JackAss…WE WANT BIG TUBS, WE WANT BIG TUBS! Seriously though would be a good idea, pain in the ass having so money bottles of stuff. Does me 'ead in.

I concur…Surge in a larger size is a must…maybe they could offer it like they’ve done with MAG 10…offer the larger size exclusively at the Biotest store as a marketing strategy…increase the web traffic…drive buyers here versus other distribution channels…Tim, are ya’ listening??