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Surge = HMW?

I love Surge! But does it contain high molecular weight carbohydrates.


No, its dextrose/maltodextrin

HMW carbs are waxy maize (most popular) and swedish oat starch (rather new)

Thanks. I knew about Waxy maize being HMW carb, also saw Surge had dextrose in it but was hoping it had a portion of carbs with low osmolality. Guess not, thanks Swole! - also I liked your post a while back on your opinion of PWO nutrition and people being sheeples. I’ve seen some of the pro’s first hand PWO nutrition and for most of them, especially in first few years of career (before being sponsored) it was non-existent. They would not eat for an hour or two later - it varied. Just wanted to say glad I’m not the only non sheep here ;D