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Surge Help After HIIT?

So I was reading the double dose Surge article and its effects on recovery after weightlifting. Sounds interesting and i’m going to try it.

It also made me wonder about HIIT as well. HIIT has much the same physiological effect on the body anaerobically I believe as weight lifting. I'm starting the velocity diet, and Id like to be as active as possible and continue with HIIT on the velocity diet for faster results, but it says that the most you should do is some walking for fear of overtraining or muscle loss.

Im takin a lot of supplements at the moment to try to maintain as much muscle as possible while doing the vdiet, would taking Surge theoretically help me recover after HIIT better so I could run harder and burn more cals hopefully getting faster results? (obviously as long as i tweak it to stay within cal limits etc)

Long question short: Will Surge positivey effect recovery after a HIIT session like it does lifting?


osirismdw, the trick is to do all of what is necessary and not one iota more! Low-carb dietary approaches and HIIT just don’t mix. Since the Velocity Diet is only a 28-day deal, put the extra energy you have into 100% compliance, and then kick things into gear and start doing HIIT again upon completion.

My concern is that 20 minutes of HIIT doesn’t fully zero-out the extra carbs you’re taking in from Surge. The HIIT training session you do will either be too much or not enough. Either way, you lose.

Give the Velocity Diet a chance to work its magic. I know you’re motivated and want results. If you stick with the plan as it’s designed 100% and aren’t happy with your results, send me a PM and we’ll get things fixed/adjusted/tweaked to your liking.

Yeah I spose that would be the smart approach. Shucks no HIIT for awhile :slight_smile: thanks for the reply. And thanks for offering me to PM you, ill probly do that once I start looking towards the end of my 28 days. Thanks again!