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Surge & Grow!


I feel like such an idiot.

I'm just about finished with my first tub each of Surge and Grow! and I couldn't understand why everyone was saying they tasted so good. I usually have to choke mine down.

Long-story-short, I was mixing my shakes using a small blender which meant that there was always a huge head of foam. I read somewhere here yesterday about stirring them, but I never tried it because I just KNEW there was no way they would mix evenly with just a spoon.

Well, I tried it last night with my Grow! and it mixed perfectly with just a spoon. No foam, no bad taste. Just sweet taste and it went down smooth.

Haven't tried it with Surge yet because I don't lift again until tonight, but I'm excited to give it a go. Drinking my shakes felt like punishment before, but that Grow! last night was like a dessert.


Yeah, I found out that shaking Surge make a ton of foam. Stirring is easy and it dissolves almost absolutely. As for Grow!, skip the blender and use a shaker bottle.


Surge mixes w/ a twist of a spoon. how the hell do you mix 3 scoops of Grow! in a shaker bottle ?


I found the same as well. I mix Surge with blender at home with 2 scoops and 500ml water, and it looks like a whole litre of Surge when it is blended. People always wonder why I can drink that and then eat a normal dinner an hour later.

But then it tastes and looks like smoothies when blended with iced water, only ten times healthier.

Geek boy


I tried mixing my Surge with a spoon tonight after my workout and it worked great and tasted great. No more foam = no more horrible taste.

As for Grow!, I normally don't mix 3 scoops at a time. I do 2 scoops in 2 cups of milk, but I mix 1 scoop with 1 cup and drink it down, then mix and drink the 2nd one.


yeah , i remember reading that hydrolized whey tastes like death and the chemical challenge producing Surge was to somehow trick your taste buds. obviously the foam is that whey seperating from the flavor.


I've been using the Low-Carb Grow! for a few months now, and I feel like it's contributed quite a bit to my overall muscle growth. My diet has remained pretty much the same before and after starting on it, as have my workout routines. And I've added about 50 pounds to my bench, with proportionate increases in other exercises. I also see more definition, and my muscles feel harder.

I've been taking Spike, as well, which also seems to give my workouts a boost.

Before I get anyone too excited, I'm 37 y.o. and my max bench is only 225 now, but that's a big increase from where I was before.

I just got my first cannister of Surge, which I'm going to take after today's workout. Sounds like it tastes pretty gnarly. Oh well. I figure, if I've chugged tequila, I can probably handle Surge. lol


Surge is delicious. It's kind of like liquified angel food cake.

I wish I could drink it more often than just after a workout.


Never had a issue with Grow!'s taste.
But the taste of Surge got to me.

It was the foam. A spoon for mixing and it also helps if you add a few ice cubes while it's half mixed. And now I like the taste.


Surge is only bad if you mix it with a blender like I used to and get a lot of foam. If you mix it with a spoon, it tastes great.


I use a nalgene and LOTS of ice for Surge dont shake just gently turn it over a few times mixes great with no head.