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Surge + Grow!


Man! Well yesterday was the first time I tried Surge and Grow!

After a hard workout,, I was siked to finally try the infamous Surge. I filled the blender with 1 cup of water + 2 scoops of Surge. It tastes and smells very similar to angel food cake. I thought it was ok-pretty good.
I was wondering if you could use gatorade instead of water.

Later that night, I tried my first serving of Vanilla Grow! Man I was NOT disappointed. This was the very first shake that didn't stick to the edges of the blender or make me gag. It smells like real vanilla and was HELLLA GOOD. +It kept me full through the night. The next morning I gave into my strong temptation and had another serving.

Anyone who hasn't tried Surge or Grow!, I highly recommend it.

I have a questions though.

1) Can 2 scoops of Grow! + 1 cup of milk, be substituted for breakfast? Or should I add anything to it to provide denser calories?



Surge sure you couls use Gatorade I wouldnt though it has enough of the right carbs etc, I would also use more water.

Grow! and milk for breakfast?? Sure do you need more?? I dont know are you trying to gain or lose weight whats the goal. if you ned more intake than add more food if you need less than drop the milk.

I would personally say you are missing an opportuniy to get in some fruit and or veggies. Id add at least a peaice of fruit to that meal.

Hope that helps,


Surge mixes just fine with a spoon or a shaker. Dirtying a blender is way overkill.

Milk + Grow! would make an acceptable breakfast. It has some fast carbs and some quality proteins.

Personally, my favorite breakfast is to have a quick half glass of milk right when I wake up, then a bowl of oatmeal with a tablespoon of honey (great antioxidants), a serving of so of frozen mixed berries (usually heavy with blueberries, also great antioxidants), and a full scoop of banana Grow!


Have those scoops in addition to a full breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day. Remember, you have been fasting for the past 8 hours.


That's darn near what I eat every morning. Oatmeal with Grow! and fruit on training days and eggs and an apple/pear on off days.