SURGE, Grow!, Metabolic Drive, Creatine and Swimming

What up T-Nation, thanks in advance for any help:

I just ordered a tub of SURGE Workout Fuel, Grow!, Metabolic Drive (Low Carb), and Creatine.

My workout plan is 2 push/pull days a week, and either 1 day swimming/2 days rest or 2 days swimming/1 day of rest

Diet is consisting without much regard to fat/carb ratios(although common sense is used) and just a general goal to get 20-40g of protein from a multitude of sources every 3 hours or so.

Please resist any temptation to tear apart what I am doing, I just want to know what you guys recommend on how to take these. I plan to take the next 45 days VERY seriously in regards to my training. I mean I will take the Workout Fuel before/during my workout obviously, but should I only take it before lifting? Will my swimming benefit as well?

I plan on taking Grow! after workouts and Metabolic Drive (Low Carb) right before I go to bed.

Should I just take 5g Creatine after my workouts?(Is it beneficial after swimming too?)

Hm, SWF is definately something you want to start drinking pre-workout and continue to take during. MD is what you want before bed, and also in the event you can’t make a meal (though MD Complete would be better for that second one. Grow! can be taken for protein pulses (like I’m currently doing at 5:40AM) as well as post-workout. In other words, you’re pretty close to being on the right track. The trick to learn is you’ll experiment, I started doing a very complicated peri plan I saw CT post and modified it to fit my taste pretty much. You may find certain plans include wayy to much drinking, so I grouped some of it together and did most of my drinking WHILE lifting at a slower pace.

Don’t be afraid to modify what you’re doing on the fly, but so far your plan seems solid. I can’t comment on the creatine with authority, but I’d say taking it post-workout would enable you to start feeling it within a few days - I’m glad you didn’t ask “LOULZ HOW DOI LOAD CREATEENZ,” however.

Surge Workout Fuel will have a significant effect on your swimming performance. I recommend one serving 15 minutes prior to training. If possible, another serving during swim training would also be a big help.

Whether you take Creatine before or after training probably doesn’t make a difference in the long run. I would not take it prior to swimming, however, as the risk of gastrointestinal distress is too great.

As to whether Creatine will benefit your training, it depends on the events in which you swim. Most people will agree that it will be a benefit in shorter, more explosive events. There is some debate in whether it will benefit performance in endurance events.

Thanks guys!

PUMPED to test out Surge Workout Fuel!