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Hey all,
This is an old topic which i'm sure has been discussed, so i'm really just looking for someone to lead me to the thread or the interview.

John Berardi lists glutamine as a pretty much worthless supplement, yet there are 3 grams of it in every serving of Surge, which he developed.

Can someone lead me to the thread/interview where i'm sure he explained this?



Gklutamine is ZIn the Hydro whey and all whey, Its not an added feature as a stand alone. Glut.. is a major component of Whey.

That help,



Acutally Phill, Berardi mention in one of those Think Tank dialog threads from last year, that 3 grams are added and the hydro whey adds anohter 3 grams making the grand total 6 grams.


Yep - there are 3 grams added. Glutamine increases insulin secretion when added to carbohydrate and protein. Therefore it's added for the insulinogenic properties.

When I say glutamine is "worthless" (although I doubt I ever said it in that way), I'm talking about its direct value as a muscle building supplement. Dave Barr and I have written complete reviews on this site of why glutamine may not be as useful for bodybuilders and athletes as sports supplement companies proclaim.

As with most other things -- glutamine has an effect in some domains and not in others.