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Surge for weight gain?

Hey guys I tried a search and really couldn’t find anything pertaining to my question. I am a classic hardgainer and can’t seem to grow no matter how many calories I eat. Then I thought, why not use surge as a MRP? It has lots of fast absorbing carbs and some protein and glutamine. So I have been using it 4 times a day now for the past month and the gains are coming on strong! I am up about 10lbs. now and I feel really strong. Not sure what my body fat is I usually can see my abs but they are starting to become obscure now but I think a little fat gain is to be expected when trying to gain right? Anyone else have similar experiences?

"can’t seem to grow no matter how many calories I eat."

And how many calories is that, exactly? You’re growing right now because, surprise, you’re eating more calories. Well, that and your insulin levels are jacked all day long. :slight_smile: Have you ever experimented with a) A more conventional eating approach (well, as ‘conventional’ as Massive Eating can be), b) A food log, c) 4000+ calories a day, clean, consistantly?

You will get bigger doing that, I promise, and you will grow. Might even save some money on Surge!

i agree with IKE, laters pk

Glad that you’re putting on weight, but really, Surge should be saved for post-workout. (Good) MRPs are cheaper and won’t cause the insulin spike that Surge does. If you’re a skinny bastard and are starting to lose sight of your abs after only ten pounds, then you’re getting too much insulin into the mix. Try a different MRP like Grow! or something, and start keeping a food log. You’ll gain once you (a) see what you’re REALLY eating and (b) jack it up the necessary amount.

Good luck.

Ah, Char-dawg has some good insights. Especially about losing abs after ten pounds. BUT, we might be thinking different scales of obscuring. I’d say that after 4-5 lbs of bulking, my abs start to get obscured - however, I’m quite confident that I could keep on gaining weight with the same level of obscurement.

Read John Berardi’s article from this week. It seems to be that a 1 gallon protein shake and 6 bagels with peanut butter is about twice the calories and 1/4 the price of drinking Surge all day long. Save yourself the money.

Hope this helps.

Yeah, I agree. But what I meant was that for this guy, who’s naturally very skinny, to be losing sight of his abs after only ten pounds (and from the sound of it his first ten pounds) is not good.

As a recovering ectomorph, I’ve had the same experience. We’ve all seen guys who are skinny-fat; I think that the sad fact is that they’re not only cursed with little in the way of natural muscle, but have problems with insulin as well. Not diabetic-type problems, but fat-gain problems. It’s more essential for these types than it would be for many others to get a large amount of low-GI food in order to see good gains.

'kin hell, surge 4 times a day?, does your bank balance resemble Elton Johns?

Brave man, using italics … I’ve been burned once, and I’m rather sure I didn’t make a mistake with the tags.

I forgot to factor in the skinny-fat concept(which I’m sure kinda offends the original poster - sorry). What’s funny is that the “poliquin-style diet” (which is really low GI) put on really good gains for people like me and Steve C (who’s rather large) but Eric didn’t like it as much (and I believe he’s pretty thin). I think that strength is also very important to gaining size. I didn’t start gaining weight until the weights I started slinging around were muchly improved.

Wow thanks for all the feedback guys. It has been really helpful. I still don’t know what my bodyfat is but I am going to get it tested at my gym from a PT friend of mine. The cost issue for surge is really an issue for me that’s why i started using it in the first place. I just finished reading the skinny bastard diet by Cy Wilson and think I will start using that in place of my Surge. What do you guys think of that?

I have great respect for Cy, but personally I would feel very uncomfortable recommending that kind of a diet to anyone. I’m pretty sure that he wrote the article intending it to be a sort of “last resort” type of thing.

I doubt that you’re in that position. At least, you don’t know that you’re in that position yet. So I suggest that you start a food log, as Ike recommended above, and find out just how many calories you’re really getting per day. Typically, hard gainers drastically over-estimate both protein intake and overall calories, and I imagine that you’ll find out that you’re the same. Once you get a handle on how many calories you’re eating, try bumping it up by 10% or so (EVERY DAY) and see if that doesn’t help. If it doesn’t, bump it again. Also make sure that you’re getting at least 1.5g of protein per pound of BW. Sooner or later you’ll start to put on weight, and since you’ll know more precisely what and how much you’re eating, you’ll be able to control the fat gain more precisely.

Good luck!