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Surge for Sports Recovery?


Hi guys,

I am bulking using a hybrid CT/Berardi(carb cycle meets massive eating) 4500cal daily 365pro 365 carb 175 fat
off days i cut carbs down to 70% (256)


I need a little help here...I play baseball (center field) and have a pretty busy schedule..I hit the gym mon,tue,wed,fri. Around 5am. I then work from 7am to 7pm (longshoreman).BUT I only work that job 3 days a week. the other days I play baseball. Games and practices always seem fall on gym days..

My question is my carb intake revolves around my training and when game time hits Im at my fat+pro. meals..

Should I treat my games like a second workout and supplement with Surge? OR just stick the the fat+pro meals??

I only plan on bulking for another 12 weeks and then I won't be too concerned as Ill be trying to drop LBS.

I talked wth some teamates(the ones that lift) and the majority of them take a 12 week cycle of test enth 500mg/week..to help them out (no testing in this league).doesnt seem like a bad idea ...believe it or not baseball does wear you out..

Thanks guys for yor help, Ive worked hard to gain some size and Id hate to see it go to waste by overworking myslef without the right nutrutional needs.


Surge is great after any hard effort. Arguably just as good or betterafter a sport than a weights session. I have no qualms about using after a soccer game or hard interval session. You probably wouldn't wnat to use it after an easy practice, though.


yeah thats what I thought..I was thinking of just dividing up 2 scoops during a game or hard practice...I hate watered down Surge so ill just mix it by 1/2 scoops in the dug out in the water cooler cups..

an easy pracite for me is just a batting practice 3 sets of 30 swings, then shag balls for the other 5 players until the rotation in up...during these I just have a scoop of gatorade powder.



For sure dillute it in 32 oz of water or more and drink it during the game. Will be a great energy source.


I think it is too expensive to be using for baseball recovery personally when you could be using it after your weight sessions. My thoughts at least.


I use Surge during my basketball games.

32 ounces of water
1 scoop of Surge

This keeps me hydrated and I like it better than using powdered Gatorade.



What type of league do you play in that you need a cycle off test. I hope you are making money doing it. I think thats playin the ace card a little early.


Hey squazito,
great topic...I often wondered what to have during long practices/rehearsals later in the day without jeopardizing my nutrition regiment. Rehearsals can get pretty nuts and I have been recently thinking about using a samll amount of whey in water alongside some gatorade. I never tried Surge before but after being a part of the forum for awhile, I'm thinking of getting myself some.


Are you eating a P+F meal before a game for any reason?

Am I missing something?