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Surge for Cutting


I workout at about 9:00 and go to bed at about 12:00. I know it's good to have Surge and then another meal a little later consisting of a large amount of carbs and protein. If I am cutting though, should I have the Surge and another meal like that? The other meal would have to be right before I go to bed. I don't want muscle breakdown from a lack of carbs in the second meal. What should I do?


With thoses goals I would have the Surge and Pre bed have protein and fats pre bed. thaen the next morning have my regualr fruits oats etc. with protein. This will be plenty to have you refilled with glycogen etc..

Just my approach.



Thanks for your advise from both posts Phill. Anyone else?


I wouldn't be overly concerned. I workout at the same time you do, later in the evening. I have my Surge, shower, and then get some more carbs and proteins down and hit that sack. Your body doesn't care what time you workout, you need to proper nutrition to allow it to repair itself.


True that your body needs the proper nutrition AFTER training. I have a serving of Surge after training, however, I'm still concerned about ingesting one more meal after the Surge. I don't want THAT meal to have too many carbs and make me accumulate fat when I'm sleeping.


protein and a little bit of carbs?

I think you will find out what is "too much" by looking in the mirror.


Isn't it possible that a little bit of carbs can halt fat burning when taken right before bed.


Can Yes. How long ???


Not likely if you just finished training in the previous several hours.

Give your body what it needs to recover and you lose fat more quickly.


yes it is.

But who am I to know how strong you react to carbs? How insuline sensitive are you? Your questions are in an area where general questions do not make sense anymore.