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Surge for Breakfast?

I typically try to get my carbs at breakfast and post-workout. My breakfast usually consists of 3 or 4 eggs, oatmeal, and a Grow! shake. Sometimes, when I’m really pressed for time, I’m not able to get everything and just have to settle for the Grow! shake on the way to work. But since I still want my carbs, couldn’t I just down a serving of Surge? Maybe this is a stupid questions, but the carb:protein ration seems like it would make a good little breakfast now and then. Of course, I’m not a nutrition expert by any means. So would Surge be ok for breakfast…better than just a Grow! shake, at least?

You could but id rahetr do the Grow! and Fruit both Very mobile and wont Burn away so fast.

You could do the Surge Follwed VERY shortly by something else.