Surge for Breakfast?

According to Jeff Anderson in “Hardgainer Project X”: “First thing in the morning…like as soon as your feet hit the floor…consume a “high glycemic” meal with more “sugary” carbs, high quality protein, and no fat! This specific combination of nutrients will create a short-term spike of insulin that will act as a fast transport for your remaining “free testosterone” and shoot it directly into your muscle cells to stop catabolic muscle loss and trigger insane new growth!”

So does that mean that we should be drinking Surge for breakfast??

You could if you wanted too. However, I would want more than 320 calories for breakfast.

sure why not.

sometimes if i know i’m going to be rushed in the morning i’ll make a shake the night bfore, then dump a spoonfull of regular oatmeal into the shaker bottle.

the oatmeal will absorb some of the water overnight. not bad if you ask me, especially on the run

I have had Surge for breakfast and worked out 15-20 min later in the AM.

I don’t prefer it but it worked for the few weeks I did it. I couldn’t eat solid foods in the morning and was pretty sick.

If you do this you’ll want to have a regular breakfast 30 minutes later.