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Surge Flavor Preference?


couple questions:
1. has anyone tried the vanilla Surge? and how does it compare to other two?

  1. Out of the two older flavors..whats the consensus on flavors..Rasberry or original? I heard original tastes like cake or something..(if anyone would be specific or offer a different description thatd be great)

preferences anyone?



Original Surge smells like cake but tastes a lot different. You just have to suck it up and get used to it. I like it a lot now and don't mind the taste, especially after a hard workout. I haven't tried the other flavors, hope that helps. Peace.


if its so sweet then why do you say "suck it up" and get used to it?

i had no idea the taste of Surge was a bad thing
and soo

-it smells like cake..but the taste isnt the same as the smell??
what is the taste of it then-


Original Tastes like Angel Food Cake

Wild Raspberry, well tastes like berries


I prefer raspberry. It taste like koolaid. I have not tried the new flavor.


Chocolate is my new favorite.


A hint of something new coming down the pipe?


I've tried all 3 and I'd rank the taste:

  1. Wild Raspberry
  2. Original
  3. Vanilla

The Vanilla doesn't mix quite as well as the first two either. Though if the ingredients make Vanilla a more anabolic drink than the other two, I'd probably keep using it despite it not being my favorite flavor.


Not really. It's available in the T-Nation store now.


My pipe is kinda of slow...


To anyone who's tried it, how's the chocolate taste? Im runnin out of raspberry and need to order more


I haven't even tried the rasberry Surge yet. I need to step it up.


I only buy the original because I'm content with it and it works. Yes, it does taste like angel food cake. Does it taste good? I dunno, i chug that shit and hit the shower. Consider it fuel, not food.


I have to admit that I am somewhat afraid to order the chocolate. I tried the wild raspberry and have to say that I don't care for that flavor at all.

Orginal is darn good to me and DOES taste like angel food cake. Vanilla is going to be my next order.....I would like a sample of chocolate before investing in it.


I know that I'm probably in the minority here, but yes, I think that the original smells like Angel Food Cake, but to me, it tastes like coconut.


+1 for razz. To my homies out there who liken it to berries, what kind of berries have YOU been eatin', HMMMMM? I don't see that at all.

Raspberry Surge tastes awesome, but UNLIKE anything I've tasted before. I find it just tastes like "sweet," basically, but they call it raspberry and flavor it thusly (a little bit) so that people can identify it with something familiar, for the purpose of palitability.


personally i think it tastes like those red juji fruits


I LOVE raspberry. Don't make it too strong or its a little bit too sweet. Haven't tried the 2 new flavours yet.


I love the original flavor Surge.
I just got and tasted the New Vanilla flavor and whoever said that it taste like whoppers candy and doesnt mix well was 100% on the money.
The original flavor was SO Sweet it made me go crazy since it was so sugary (A GOOD THING)


You mean the original wasn't considered vanilla?

I'm just trying the raspberry now but I prefer the "original" so far.