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Surge Flavor & Creatine


I've searched and read through the Surge listing in the store, but I can't find anything that describes what flavor it is.

Also, I'm currently mixing my creatine powder with apple juice. Is it okay to nix the apple juice and mix it with my Surge? If not what other juices do you guys recommend using for creatine monohydrate powder? (I'm getting sick of apple juice).






Yep, angel food cake. Have been using Surge on and off for about 4 years and it's still my favorite workout/post workout drink.

I've only known of one friend who didn't like the taste. Personally, I add a little more water than the label recommendation.


I just got mine in tonight and had some after my workout, sans the creatine. It was good, but a little strong. I think Friday I'm going to do like you and add a little extra water.


Surge has the sugar in it that would cause the insulin spike...perhaps even greater than the apple juice. So yes, you can replace the Surge with the apple juice for a creatine mixer.