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Surge Experiment


I have some Crystal Light on the go packets. I was thinking of mixing some Classic Orange flavor in my water before pouring in my Surge.

Think that would be ok? Anyone tried it?

Calories 5
Vitamin C 100%
Calcium 10%


I dont see why it wouldnt, except you would have a new putrid aftertaste!


I've never actually tried it before, but I cannot imagine that it would have any negative effect at all to take with Surge. Let us know how that works out for you. I am one of those "taste sensitives" when it comes to Surge, but I like to drink it anyway since my results are vastly improved when using it.


I don't really mind the taste of Surge to much but always wished there would be more flavors. I am sitting here drinking this experiment right now and it tastes good. Try it out.


I've done this before when I first started out with Surge. Works great and I didn't notice anything different.