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Surge Engineered Recovery?


Has anyone heard of this product? I bought this recently in Canada, and I can't find any information on this product online. I bought it at Popeye's supplements, and it was next to regular Surge Recovery.

It's listed to have:

13,650mg BCAAs

33g protein

49g carbs

I decided to pick it up instead of the other Surge Recovery just because it has so many BCAAs

Can someone fill me in on this product, and why it isn't advertised anywhere?


The Surge Recovery labels recently got a makeover, so it looks like you just picked up one with the previous label (it read “Surge” with “Engineered Recovery” underneath, I believe).


I don’t know. I looked at the expiry date, and both the “Surge Engineered Recovery” and the “Surge Recovery” expired on the same date, so I assume they were made at the same time.

Also, the one I grabbed has 13.6g of BCAAs, while the other one had I think 5g. Also, there’s more protein in the one I grabbed. Same price for the two as well.