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Surge + Early Morning Workout

I apologize if this has been asked and answered already. I am going to start using Surge soon. I understand that protocol is to start sipping it halfway through the workout and then finish it afterwards. I workout first thing in the morning and have read that taking some protein and few carbs in before a workout is supposed to help. (From what I gather, Surge is not the to use product before the workout.)

The question is should I drink 10 to 20g of protein before the workout and then Surge during, or skip the pre-workout protein?

I am currently doing the 30 Mass workout. I would start drinking Surge about twenty minutes into my workout (including warm-up), about 30 to 50 minutes after the pre-workout shake.

My goal is to attain proportionality as suggested by the Grecian ideal, which I estimate is roughly 10 more lean pounds. I am neither bulking or dieting down at this stage. My bodyfat is roughly 12%.

You can definitely start sipping Surge 10 minutes before training.

I often do this when forced to train early.

Thanks HK24719