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surge during workout when in fat loss mode

Dear t-maggers I read somewhere that using surge during a workout when in fat loss mode is Ok. Is this correct? Or should it be done only when your body fat is below 8%?
What are the conditions necessary? Any thoughts/EXPERIENCES appreciated. THANKS

It’s ok to use immediately after cardio and no you don’t have to be at 8% or lower BF.
Do your cardio, drink your serving of Surge and then have a meal about 3 hour laters is a good plan.
Really depends on what specific diet you are on. Give me more specific info. on your diet and I’ll be happy to help.

Paul thanks but I want to know if drinking surge DURING a workout is OK. In the t-mag paper issue J. Berardi says yes but I just want someone to share some real world experiences when on a calorie reduced diet or elaborate what Berardi wrote in that particular t-mg issue.