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Surge During MMA Practice

On Mondays and Wednesdays I practice MMA for 3 hours a night, roughly 4-6 hours after I lift weights. For the last couple of times I have been sipping Surge during training, and it seemed to help my endurance, but do you think there is a better, cheaper alternative, as Surge is hard to come by for a college student? And, should protein be consumed during MMA practice? It’s not an endurance session by any stretch, but more anerobic in nature, so I’m thinking it would actually be an excellent choice to consume a P+C liquid meal during practice, as opposed to a Gatorade.

If you want to save your Surge for your weight training, you could pick up some maltodextrin from a brewery shop. Mix that in with your protein shake.

Or, you could pick up some Gatorade powder for the same purpose. Just be sure to have a protein shake, too.

They probably would be inconvienient for your MMA, but, I found Glucose tablets from the diabetic isle taste pretty good. :wink:

Chocolate milk

I’ll be back with more info later.

Even gatorade or something like that would help.

Surge is the best option though.

Your scenario is almost identical to mine, except that I train MA two hours after weight training. I use 2 scoops of Surge PWO, eat chicken and brown rice one hour after, and then I sip on 2 more scoops of Surge during MA.

The important thing to analyze is whether or not you need protein during your MA training. This is really a judgment call. You can order bulk d-glucose and maltodextrin to make your own unique Kool-Aid. It will basically be Surge sans aminos. If you did this, I would certainly throw down on an appreciable amount of protein after training–ideally whey, a whey blend, or lean meat (something that will digest/assimilate quickly). Surge costs about $2.00 per serving. The homeade concoction would cost around $0.50 (or less) per serving, but you would not be getting the benefit of repopulating your amino acid pool. Using the carb-only method, you will certainly need to compensate for protein loss afterward. Will this cost warrant saving the $1.50? Don’t know. I think Surge is ideal for this situation, and not too expensive considering you are going to have to springboard those amino levels back up, anyhow.

Personally, I don’t recommend Gatorade. I think there are better ways to get some carbs into the body that do a better job, for the same price or less. It just takes a little bit more work than stopping in the nearest 7-11.

Just my free-floating thoughts. Let me know if you have questions or comments.


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