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Surge During Football Practice?

 So my son decided to take a Surge to football practice yesterday and sip it during water breaks. He sipped it during the first two hours of practice, then it was gone, for the last hour heonly drank water. Immediately after practice they had to go into the weight room where after his squats he was extremely lightheaded and almost passed out.

My theory is that the Surge raises insulin levels and then after another hour of practice then lifting weights he crashed and was probably in a hypoglycemic state. So to my question, am I full of shit here, or could this be the problem? I told him he should have just saved the Surge for during his workout, then he could come home and have a meal.

I just want to make sure I’m giving him sound advice. His coach was pretty concerned, as was I. Everything was fine with him after he got home, and he said practice went great today.

I’d have him start sipping Surge Recovery 10 to 15 minutes prior to weight training and continue throughout his workout.

That is pretty much what he does during regular workouts. My question is more about if sipping the Surge over that long timeframe and then going without anything for the next hour or so is what caused his extreme light headedness during his weight training?

Yeah, if you have to do do a back-to-back training session (eg. sport then lifting) I would also start the Surge during the lifting session. I actually like sipping on whey isolate and creatine during training and then getting into the Surge as soon as I get off the mat/field/platform/rack.

The whey iso keeps my blood sugar fairly level but still absorbs/digests fast enough so as to not give me a pants-shitting stomach ache. This way the HUGE insulin spike doesn’t drop me like a running kick to the sack either. Keep in mind that I am hella sensitive to carbs like that and sleep like a dead leper after Surge/beer/donuts/cake/bread/sugar frosted lumps etc.

so yeah, I’d say save it for later on and bring a meal to eat right afterwards as well. Even if your nerves are to sympathetic right after training you still have food if you need it.


For sure he crashed needed more Surge or a dilute carb beverage.

Maybe have a meal prior, then dilute carb drink during practice while aminos in blood are still high and make the Surge the second drink Prior and during the weights