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Surge Discontinued?!?!

I read at another nutrition website (that will go nameless) that Surge is being discontinued by the manufacturer!! Please tell me that they have their signals mixed up and that you are just not distributing through them anymore.



LOL! Biotest Surge is not being discontinued and is still readily available at the Biotest store.

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LOL! If it’s readily available then why is it currently “out of stock”?

You’re right, Chief, Surge is temporarily out of stock, but it should be back in the warehouse real soon!

Same thing goes for Grow!, glad I purchased 2 containers of Surge last time I ordered.

I managed to get 2 containers of Surge ordered before it went out of stock but I missed the Grow! Now I’m going to have to go buy an inferior product to hold me over.:frowning: I guess I need to start buying more at a time.