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Surge - Diabetics?

I’m thinking about turning my dad’s attention to Surge as a possible way of enhancing his recovery. his ‘work’ is basketball and krav maga… both of which are relatively high intensity for him.

Anyways… my concern here is that he is borderline diabetic and tends to go into sugarshock pretty easily. I think that it would be a good alternative to eating slower-digesting foods which might make it harder for him to get to sleep.

Any thoughts on the plus and minus of surge for people with extreme blood-sugar issues?

Having similar genetics, I have noticed Surge does not give me problems post-workouts. However, I’ve all but eliminated non-vegetable carb sources from my regular nutrition schedule.

You might want to give him Nitromine and Glutacene (discussed in this forum) which do not contain carbs but only the most exspensive and desirable aminos needed after a workout. They’re free form so the muscles supposedly absorb as fast as Surge but I believe the recovery is better w/ NItromine/Glutacene. I cycle between those products and Surge.