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Surge Compliance?


Is Surge compliant with NCAA regulations? I'm pretty sure that its not, just wanted to check.


There's nothing found in Surge that isn't found--albeit more refined and in greater quantities--in regular food. Protein supplements aren't drugs, they're a convenience.

Edit: Ok, wow, I didn't realize how crazy the NCAA is about the BCAAs. It probably is against the rules. Maybe they should just go ahead and ban steak and eggs while they're at it.


I'm fairly certain it is. The best would be to go to your athletic director or coach and check with them.

BCAA's are in it, and I think thats the only thing banned by the NCAA. BUT they're only banned when a coach gives them out to the team. I think its legal if you buy them.

So, I think as long as you're the one buying Surge you're fine.

I'm not 100% sure, though, so doublecheck.


Ok, here's some policy from 2000 banning schools from distributing the BCAAs. http://www1.ncaa.org/membership/ed_outreach/health-safety/drug_ed_progs/nutritional_supplements

But the BCAAs are not on the current banned substances list, so who knows what the deal is. Like rrjc said, check with someone at your school.

And the morons at the NCAA should have a page on their web site about these things if they�??re going to ban them.


I believe it would be against regulations for the coach to supply Surge to the team, however YOU can take it and probably should(or similar product). BCAAs are found in all foods so it's not like they can test you for it ha.


this is 100% true.

alongside BCAA, coaches cannot give protein if the protein caloric content is more than 33% of the mix. Surge would be out as the BCAAs, glutamine and phenylalanine are counted towards protein alongside the hydrosylate.

this explains a lot of lame products that are NCAA compliant like muscle milk collegiate. take a less than top notch protein and add a bunch of cheap carbs, now college athletes can take it for free. i think met-rx has a similar product.

at the time these regulations were made the products were a lot less researched and much more expensive due to low production levels, so they were banned from distribution by the athletic programs/school/coach to allow smaller programs (read money losing) a fair field so to speak.




Any NCAA athlete can use Surge Recovery.

The only issue is that your school can't buy it for you.

These are two completely seperate issues.


Holy crap you cant take protein powder! How lame is that?