Surge Challenge Results

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I don’t know how you guys (T Nation) came up with this formula and I think this picture speaks for itself. In almost 18 years of lifting, I have never had a bicep pump like this. I felt like that vein was going to explode out of my arm.



My arms were as pumped as they’ve ever been after the workout. I snapped a couple pics in the mirror and posted the absolutely most flattering picture of my arms I have ever seen. A lot of it is angle and lighting, I’m sure, but I’ll take it. I fully realize I’m not the savage that some guys on here are, this appears to show some fairly dramatic improvement in me.

My wife, who has never cared anything about my physical appearance, was like, “Whoa, I need a copy of that photo.”


  • The veins in my forearm have increased in size as I can remember them 10 years ago. Surge has been the difference in the size of my forearm veins.

  • My triceps seem to have doubled in size when flexed by side.

  • My upper thighs have noticeably increased in fullness.

  • My updated body weight chart is showing nearly a 4 lb weight gain using the Surge Challenge protocol.

  • I am very pleased with the results ending Phase 1.




Body Part 6/8/22 7/3/22 25 Days Later
Belly 36.25" 34.5" 1.75" loss
Thigh L 23" 24.5" 1.5" gain
Upper Arm L 14.5" 15 0.5" gain
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