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Surge & Cardio

After getting home from running today I had a super craving for Surge. This made me wonder if people take Surge after doing their cardio also. Does anybody do this? Or is this a waste of Surge and money? Thanks.

Depends on the what and why of your cardio. Cardio for me is rugby practice, so I treat it much like a workout and drink surge or gatorade and protein afterward to avoid going catabolic. What are you doing?

Just running 2 to 3 days a week on my off days (off days=not lifting) to help boost fat loss and improve my cardiovascular system.

Yes DEFINITELY take the Surge after your cardio days. I used to just do protein after my cardio sessions. I have made huge improvements since having my post workout drink after EVERY workout. My super simplified view breaks down to this:

you are reopening that pathway to the muscles with the cardio and (1) can thus cram more goodies in for recovery (and hopefully growth) and (2) are refueling yourself for the next day’s weight training session

It’s pretty much a must for me now. I will have more or less depending on what I just did and what I will be doing tomorrow.

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