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Surge Carbs & the Velocity Diet

When I take my Surge and record it in my calories, carb, protiens, etc…

Do I count the total carboydrate…I’m trying to stay below 100g of Carbs for my Velocity Diet, but when I take 3 scoops of the Surge (cause i’m over 200lbs) if I do the total carbohydrates and put it in the same column as my flax seed, powder carbohydrates column it counts for 73.5g of carbs…it’s kinda hard to stay below 100 with one serving of that.

The only thing I can think of is that it’s not the same carbs…the carbs would actually be subtract the sugars out and then my carb count would be 36g which is more workable with my metobolic drive and my flax seed for workout days.

Total Carbohydrate
49 g 16%
Dietary Fiber
2 g 9%
25 g *

Any input would help. It’s driving me nuts.

Take 2 scoops of Surge instead of 3. Did you really need to be told this?

[quote]CaliforniaLaw wrote:
Take 2 scoops of Surge instead of 3. Did you really need to be told this?[/quote]

Some people just like to start threads. It must have something to do with being the center of attention:

–Hey, whaddup guys, I just had this breakfast problem. I keep reading that oatmeal is really good for you, so I’m trying to eat it for breakfast. Problem is, I really like Lucky Charms. I had them for breakfast today, yesterday and the day before. What should I do?

Shugart wrote a whole thread about this, and according to him, carbs ingested around the time of your workout have no bearing on the rest of the diet. I think the thread is called FFB Surge Experiment.

Guess I stepped into the wrong room for FRIENDLY advise…

Thanks for the input, I’ll cut down to 2 scoops.

Thanks…I think!