Surge based on Intensity or Length of Training?

Hey all,

Based on another thread, I was wondering what all of you thought about adjusting your servings of Surge based on Length/Intensity of training? I tend to think that this would have some merit, but was hoping this would start a good debate.

Thanks, Matt Miller

I tend to base my quantity on volume and duration. Doing shorter strength based workouts, I’ll stick to one serving during and one serving after. Doing Renegade style of training where the workouts can last 75-90 minutes, I’ll do one serving during and two after. This goes for any high volume training program, not just Renegade training.

Base your C:P ratio on volume. Maybe you read my other post about this, but I have found benefit from using a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein during and after high volume workouts, and a 2:1 (the original surge formulation) for high intensity workouts. Just add malto/dextrose to surge to get the 4:1, 1 scoop surge + 40g carb powder during and after, or 1 scoop during and 1 scoop after.