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Surge Bars

now im new to bodybuilding and i probably dont know what im talking about, and everyone has probably thought of this before… but im gonna ask anyway, at least out of curiosity.

it seems to me, from what ive read, that protein can be taken many times throughout the day, and therefore you dont have to, for example, take it with you to the gym. But Surge and other such post-workout recovery drinks need to be taken immediately after the workout and some ppl take it during the workout. So isnt it MORE important to have Surge bars than to have Grow! bars, so that people can take the bar with them to the gym and munch on it during/right after exercise?

seems that way to me. If they existed i’d surely get em.


I think that it was JB who indicated that one of the PRIMARY components of an effective post-workout strategy is to injest a foodstuff and/or supplement that has as rapid an absorption profile as possible.

A bar, while it may have an adequate macronutrient profile, would most likely possess a diminished absorption rate.

I’m no expert…so I look forward to other replies…

Good question!


hmm… then how about this paradox sound:

PRE-Workout RECOVERY bars !!

If Surge or such post-workout recovery bars are absorbed real fast, then taking them before the workout is no good. And if a Surge bar is to be taken after the workout, it would also be no good because it wouldn’t be absorbed quick enough.

And assuming you are like me, and you dont like taking a shake with you to the gym, or mixing it there…

You eat a Surge Bar before the workout. It will be digested and absorbed by the body while and after you workout.

i dunno just throwin ideas around.

Silencer, PWO “food” needs to be absorbed by the body as fast as reasonably possible. This is why it’s a “pre-digested” liquid. Making it into a bar would totally defeat the entire purpose for which Surge exists, because you’d have to digest it to break it down.

i see,

ah well, i was sure there would have been a good reason they werent around. thanks

Get a shaker bottle and put the Surge in there. When you finish working out, add water, shake, and suck it down. There should not be any problems mixing it…its easy