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Surge as only supp


As a broke college kid, I was thinking of using just Surge mixed with creatine post workout. I'm using myostat this summer and creatine. I'll be a sophmore and as of now I'm 5'11"-6' and weigh 150, following OVT (3 weeks in, I started off weighing about 140 after a long layoff). I threw in that info in case some people find that relevant. Does anyone have any reccomendations/thoughts on the Surge only idea?


If I could only afford one core supplement, it would be Surge or LC Grow.

I sure would miss MAG-10 and the Rox though.


As a broke college kid who's 6' and 150ish, I'd skip paying for supplements altogether and spend your money on REAL FOOD.


I'm with Chris on this one; go with the Surge and a full grocery cart.


I use loan money for school, and work money for supps and other goods. Thank god for good work money, because I just ordered 8 jugs of surge from netrition just today without a flinch.


So looks like I'll go ahead with that. Nice thing about living in a frat house with a kitchen is that the money going into my meal plan now goes for food that sits in a fridge downstairs from my room. So basically its all i can eat, and whenever I want to eat no more fucking dining hall hours. As a side note after using Myostat with a good diet/training for about 3 weeks I'm a lot more cut, so while my weight hasn't gone up too much, there's less flab from the tiny beer belly that was blurring my six pack. I'm also becoming a hell of a lot more veiny. Anyone else have similar stories?


I would go with Surge so long as you're hitting your protein requirements. Enough protein throughout the day has to be more important, I think.

But yeah, if your protein's taken care of, then Surge would definitely be the next thing on the list.


Replace myostat with food/Grow.
Myostat is for the "im already huge and need something to make me enormous" crowd.
but yeah, Surge would be #1 choice