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Surge Appreciation Thread

Wow. I just got Chocolate Surge for the first time and just wow. I never thought original could be beat, but I was wrong. So I decided this thread had to be made.

I have all the flavors currently sitting in my cupboards and I’ve been using the original for over a year, results and gains have been nice and I recommend Surge to friends and family. If you haven’t tried Surge, just give it a chance.

As of now chocolate is my favorite, anyone else have Surge stories/experiences/tricks? Personally I water 3 scoops down (about 28 oz of water) do half before and half intra (during) then another three scoops post.

All I gotta say is JESUS CHRIST THAT’S A LOT OF Surge.

the stuff is amazing tasting (only have had the chocolate), makes me want to work out every day twice a day just to enjoy it, lol

I’ve only had raspberry, but it’s definitely great. I don’t have any reason to try another and possibly not like it.

I like Surge so much that I just drink it 5x a day. I’m 600 lbs at 94% body fat, but boyyyy that Chocolate is TASTEY!!!

Surge makes me very sick to my stomach…the taste isnt to bad tho

I love Surge. I guess it isn’t excessive to drink 2+ servings pre/post workout?

One thing I’d recommend not to do is drink Surge peri-workout during a long session unless it is near the end or you are having other food. I did this recently and hit a massive insulin crash before I finished lifting

does anyone add anything to their Surge for extra carbs PWO? I’ve read a few articles on here recently that suggest that one either (1) should add rice, oats, or maltose/dextrose to increase the immediately PWO drink carb intake or (2) should have a PWO drink, then another PWO drink over an hour later before a solid meal. I’d really appreciate some clarification on this since a lot of the articles have conflicting ideas!

I like Surge.

I have the Surge original, root beer float (not great but palatable), and raspberry. In my opinion probably the best INTRA and POST WO drink on the market. I take one serving INTRA and one POST. Made my best gains following that protocol in the past month and a half. Definately an awesome product.

Do you guys follow the super-dilution protocol recommended by Berardi? I believe he recommends at least 500ml (or about 17 fluid ounces) of water per scoop of Surge.

I’m thinking about using the double-Surge protocol that Shugart recommended, but I’ll be in the bathroom instead of the weight room! That’s 4 scoops X 17 ounces of water.

BTW, I think the raspberry Surge tastes much better when it’s super diluted. I haven’t tried the other flavors yet.

Wild Raspberry for the [self-censored to keep a PG rating] win. I have an insane sweet tooth, so I don’t mind it at all. It’s like liquid cotton candy and I heart it. If I get a soda craving during the day, I can actually kill it by looking forward to my daily Surge.

Root beer float comes in second, and chocolate (or as I call it, Yoo-Hoo Surge) is a very close third. Vanilla is fourth, only for the weird aftertaste. Not bad, just weird. Kinda coconutty/caramelly/I-don’t-know-whaty. I haven’t had the original flavor in a few months.

I usually toss two scoops into about 32 ounces of water and drink it during the workout. DOMS is a thing of the past.

Finally, some more raspberry flavor enthusiasts!

Ive tried original and vanilla…and they don’t really taste all that different.

Surge is by far one of the best post workout drinks around. It beats the hell out of whey & milk.

They need to give Surge its own food group.

I’ve gained a real appreciation for Surge during the last 23 days of V-Dieting. I look forward to my workouts just so I can have some. At first, I thought it was crazy sugary, but after a couple training sessions, I LOVE this stuff.

The RB Float flavor is decent, but the original is AWESOME! I mix 3 scoops original with 20oz water and sip 1/2 during training and slam the rest when I finish. the extra dilution really helps with the overpowering sweetness

What does “original” taste like?

Yikez! One scoop of raspberry is super sweet to me. Ordered Root Beer float to see if that is more palatable for me.

[quote]tico1028 wrote:
What does “original” taste like? [/quote]

kinda coconut-like. ummm like sugar water? i’m not really sure.

but i’m not picky at all. with the progress i’ve seen from takin Surge for such a short time, any thing short of TURD flavor would be acceptable.

I’ve only tried original and chocolate, with chocolate being the clear winner. Problem is, my gf doesn’t like it, says it has a weird aftertaste (more Surge for me!). Think she might like the raspberry instead?

i like original and raspberry the most. i hated rootbeer float